Does Dorico Pro 3 work with Soft eLicenser?

I’m happy with Dorico 2 which works with Soft eLicenser.

Reading an article from SweetWater, a phrase that saying “Dorico Pro 3 requires USB eLicenser (not included in the package…)” struck my head.

Does Dorico Pro 3 really requires USB dongle?

I’m no fan of USB dongle, and such a change of policy, (if it’s true), would make me sad…

Hopefully SweetWater is wrong.

Dorico Pro 3 does not require the USB-eLicenser. There is no change in the way the licensing works between Dorico 2 and Dorico 3.

Thank you Daniel!

When are Dorito users going to be able to run their software on two computers without a dongle? Thanks.

Steinberg is working on a replacement license management system and will retire the eLicenser system completely in the future. Once we have the replacement licensing system, there will be greater flexibility in how the licensing of Dorico and our other products will work. Unfortunately at the moment we do not have an ETA for when the new system will be ready. It is the very definition of a business-critical technology for us and a transition to a new system is complex and will take a lot of time.

I understand this. Thanks.