Does Dorico support functional chord symbols (I, ii, V) below the staff?

I see that you can insert figured bass, but is there a way to input functional chord symbols (aka Roman Numerals below the staff?) Presently I’m just using shift+X on each individual note, and then placing the symbol below the staff, and then tweaking its position in engrave mode, maybe there is native support of some kind? Thanks for any tips! Picture attached for example of what I’m trying to accomplish.
Functional chord symbols.png

Not native, no. But you can set your distance in Engraving Options—Text to a higher value so they’re all the same distance.

Here are some you can copy-paste:

Cheers - and a quick follow up question, how can I embed accidentals into a text? So if I’m in the shift X text dialogue, for example, how would I write Bb - using a proper flat sign? Cheers.

As long as you don’t need both regular chord symbols and functional chord symbols in the same project you can accomplish this with a few steps. First, if you set Engraving Options/Chords/Chord Symbol Preset to Nashville, that will change all the roots to numbers. Next go to Engraving Options/Chords/Project Default Appearances/Edit. As you don’t want to manually change every “5” to “V” you can change it globally here. Assuming you are in C as in your example, enter “G” in the box and hit +. A “5” will show up in the editor. Hit the Edit Component pencil which will take you to another editing dialog box where you are now making a global change to all 5s. Delete the “5” and add a “V” using the font.chordsymbols style. Repeat for all other roots.

You can’t specify a negative position for the chord symbols in Engraving Options to position all below the staff, so just click the first one and use Select More. Once all are selected just Ctrl-Alt-down arrow to move all of them below the staff at once. Individual overrides like if you want II for a II7 instead of ii can be done in Engrave Mode. Obviously setting all this up takes a few minutes so if it’s something you will use often, I would create a template so you can start with all of this already done. For something as simple as your example I would just use Shift-X text as well, but I assume most of the time you will need more complex analysis.

You can use a Character Style for that glyph and then either enter the unicode value or simply copy it from this chart:

It would be great if either tokens could work here or some sort of right-click “insert flat” option could be available.

Thank you this is very instructive and helpful. +1 to an easier option for embedding musical symbols, especially accidentals, into text.