Does Faderport 8 work with Cubase 12?

How does Faderport 8 work with Cubase 12? Are there any known issues? Got a very good price for a used Faderport 8 and would love to upgrade my home studio with a daw controller.

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Please, search the forum, there are some threads on this topic.

Thanks. I did do a search first but only found one thread asking for a Cubase 12 script for Faderport. No answers there. I wonder if I missed something.

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I have a faderport 16 and it works with Cubase 12 with no issues. I would think that the faderport 8 would also be fine. Just make sure that you follow the instructions for setup of the faderport carefully, especially if the concept is new to you.

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Thanks. I cannot see either why FP 8 wouldn’t work if 16 works with no issues.


Do you use it in the Mackie mode?

Hi Martin,
yes, it is using Mackie Mode. The instructions from Presonus make it really easy to get setup and running in Cubase.

Bought the FP8. I can confirm that everything is working fine with the instructions from the FP8 manual.

My unit is missing the pan knob’s tip (top left corner, the blue one). Does anyone know if it is possible to buy one somewhere?

Knobs can be purchased from a lot of sources, music stores, electronic stores…
But you said you just bought it. Did it come without that knob? If so I would contact the seller.

Thanks. I knew the knob was missing before buying the unit. Part of the reason for the good price. I can operate the pan knob but it is rather ugly.

I see.
Just google potentiometer knobs or similar and you’ll find a plethora of options.
Just make sure the shaft dimensions match.

These guys have a decent selection to get you started:

Can you post how you have the Faderport 16 working with Cubase 12?

A script is needed in order for the Faderport (XX) to be be used with Cubase 12. To the best of my knowledge, there is no OOB script included with Cubase 12. Unless you created your own script I’m very curious to how you have your FP16 working.

If you do have a script, can you please post the solution?

I don’t know who told you that, but if you bothered reading the thread you’re posting in you would learn that the FaderPort uses Mackie MCU when paired with Cubase.

I read this entire thread. There was a whole … 5-6 posts??? This thread largely consisted of people talking about knob replacements. Thanks for the passive/aggressive response.

Yes, a script is needed to map your midi device to Cubase. Whether Cubase is providing that to you based on a generic Mackie MCU device then that’s what’s happening in the background.

I read these forums on many topics because, equally, like you, I spend my money on Cubase. The terrible part about these forums are passive/aggressive responders. Isn’t the idea to help others?

I don’t take bullying here or offline. If you’re not nice then I’m calling you out on it. No need for ignorance.

I apologize for for coming off as a jerk.
No, you don’t need any scripts for devices using MCU. Just add the Mackie Control device and specify the Input and Output.

I thought this post was sufficient:

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I appreciate the apology, and I, too, apologize if I offended you in any way.

You’re totally right, though. I started the mapping process, only to discover that it was much harder than anticipated and more time-consuming than it needed to be. Instead, I started looking around for a solution, which led me here and many other places.

The solution that I found that works with the Faderport 8 and the Faderport 16 inside Cubase 12 is this right here:

  • Studio > Studio Setup > Midi Port Setup > Click the + next to Add Device in the Search Bar > Select Mackie Control > Select the Faderport MIDI IN and OUT Device.

  • Studio > Studio Setup > Midi Port Setup > Uncheck In’All MIDI Inputs’ next to the Faderport 8 or Faderport 16.

Following these instructions was exactly what I needed to integrate the Faderport 8 into Cubase 12. You were right about adding the Mackie MCU being selected on the Faderport by holding down the first two channel “select” buttons when powering on the Faderport.

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@mjaestewart, Have you developed any midi remote script for Faderport 8?

Question about the definition of Faderport 16 “working” with Cubase 12 etc.

I bought a new Faderport 16 a few months back. I haven’t had time to try it…it’s still in the box :slight_smile:

Several user conversations on GS state that the Faderport 16 doesn’t autobank with Cubase.

Regardless of protocol capabilities, is this true? Faderport 16 can not autobank?

That seems important…and would put the controller into “does not work very well”.

Maybe I missed some more definitive posts somewhere.