Does Groove Agent 5 still require the USB-eLicenser dongle? What about the expansions?

If I buy a full version of Steinberg Groove agent 5- will I still need a usb elicenser/dongle
And do I need a dongle for “Simon Phillips drums foor groove agent”?

Groove Agent 5 has never required the USB-eLicenser dongle. In the past, new purchasers could always choose to store the license in a software eLicenser. Only users upgrading from previous versions were forced to use the dongle.

If you buy GA5 today, you’ll get a license for the new Steinberg Licensing system, which allows GA5 to be activated on up to 3 computers simultaneously.

The expansions such as Simon Phillips’s Drums haven’t made the transition to the new licensing system yet, but their licenses can be stored in a software eLicenser, which can be transferred between computers. Just remember to register the software eLicenser to your MySteinberg account.

Once the expansions make the switch to Steinberg Licensing, you’ll be able to redeem a free Upgrade Voucher to upgrade your license.

Thank you, But what if I buy a Groove agent 5 boxed version that has been in stores for a while. As a new user, can I also obtain the new Steinberg licensing system, or am I bound to the older soft elicenser with the purchase of a box that has been on the shelf for a while?

Whatever Steinberg boxed product you buy, you get a download access code in the box, the licensing system used is simply the mechanism for activating it.

So yes, you would still be able to use it on the new licensing. Even if it’s old stock. The Download Access Code (DAC) is purely the start of the process.

Currently, the only way you could own Groove Agent 5 and not be able to use it on the new licensing is if you got it as part of the Absolute Collection bundle. As Absolute is not supported within Steinberg Licensing at this point.

So, if that was one of the options you were looking at, be aware.