Does Halion 5 Contain Halion 2 (Not SE2) Soundbanks?

I never purchased Halion 2, but used it in college with one of my projects and need some of the sounds that came with it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The Halion 2 sound banks don’t come with Halion 5, but can obviously be imported if you can get a hold of them.

Thanks, my next predictable question is where can I find them then!

Steinberg no longer sell this product, there’s nothing on ebay, and I can’t find any torrents to pirate it :frowning:

Is there nothing in Halion 5 you can replace those sounds with?

It’s never pleasant to replace sounds in a old track if you were happy with the original sound, but it might be less trouble.

Steinberg has a huge download archive on it’s ftp server. The Content for HALion 3 can be found here :

It should be identical to the greatest possible extent!

If you need a HALion 3 version that works even under Win10 to convert fxb’s or fxp’s or just to compare programs in H3 and H5 take this one (will work with the H5 license) :
named update but is in fact a full-install without content :mrgreen:


Thanks a bunch guys. Very insightful and helpful info.

I’ve got a shitty Internet connection at the moment and haven’t been able to download the Halion 3 content yet, but should be able to give that a go soon.