Does Halion have a 'Soul Kit'?

I used the original Halion 2 in a composition years back and it had a ‘soul kit’ for drums. Now around fifteen years on, I can’t find an original or pirated copy for the life of me and my song doens’t sound right without it. I have heard Halion releases sometimes include samples from old versions and was hoping someone can either confirm whether they have come across this kit, or know where I can get the samples from the original Halion 2.

Hi duel,

I have Halion 3 and Halion 5 and in Halion 3 there are three variations of Soul Kit - Eco, Mid and XXL

All the Halion 3 content files can be downloaded here

The Soul Kit is in Halion Soundset 1 however I’m not sure if the sounds are backward compatable so may not open in your Halion 2

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah

Hi James, this is certainly promising information!

I no longer have the original Halion 2 which is why I don’t have access to its library.

If there are three ‘soul kits’ in the latest Halion then I will likely go ahead and buy it in hopes that it’s the same as the one I was using all those years back.

It appears the original kit was an .fxp file on CD1. I don’t know whether this is relevant or will help confirm it’s the same thing?

Thanks for your input :slight_smile: