Does HALion have a 'stereo output' port with both 'MAIN-L + MAIN-R' channels assigned to it?

Hi there,

I cannot wrap my head around this HALion concept of ‘audio output ports’ and ‘front and rear channels’. Why do I hear in stereo when the output (‘Output 1’) is assigned to only “L” (the left channel?)?

What’s more, when I choose ‘Output 4’ as my audio output, I receive the audio in mono, although the output description reads ‘MAIN-L + MAIN-R’… (Please take a look at the pic).

What do ‘Output 1’ and ‘Output 4’ stand for? What is a ‘rear channel’ in my case? What is a STEREO output in terms of HALion? How can I get both ‘MAIN-L + MAIN-R’ assigned to a real stereo output?

I guess it may have something to do with my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 4i4), but this dropdown menu is so confusing to me…

It’s probably not assigned to L only.
Open the preferences and set the outputs there.

Thanks, misohoza! Well, a) the options on the Outputs tab are identical to the ones on the dropdown menu on the main page (window); b) any changes done to these settings on the main page (window) result in the immediate corresponding changes on the Outputs tab; c) whatever I do, I can’t get any output that receives stereo and bears ‘L + R’ symbols simultaneously, i.e. Output 1 receives stereo, but the output description has just a ‘Main-L’ string, whereas Output 4 sends mono, but the output description has both ‘Main-L’ and ‘Main-R’ strings.
The Alt-Shift combination doesn’t help to work around this issue. (I came across the following tip in the operation manual: ‘‘To assign the audio outputs in pairs to the front and rear channels instead, hold down Alt-Shift and select an output.’’)
Btw, your screenshot reveals a similar issue, although you have a different audio interface. I assume you receive a stereo signal through that ‘UR44C Mix 1L’ output, but the audio output is labeled ‘UR44C Mix 1L’ (instead of ‘UR44C Mix L + R’ or something similar that would help to avoid this ambiguity in terms of the type of signal).