Does Import sounds from a 3rd party ever work?

Hi all, not currently in front of Cubase but have a few excellent third party plugins like the Korg legacy instruments and the excellent Sylenth. I believe within Cubase 7.5 these is an option for these plugins to use the cubase drop down and choose import sounds or library, thus bringing all the sounds into the same browser format that cubase uses for its instruments. I have tried this in past and never had it working as I would have hoped for. Sometimes a browser will open with the sounds in which are not generally categorised any further but at least they are there and other time nothing. Is there a way to do this and save so next time they are available and in fact if you take time to add descriptions for categories etc they would all be saved. Hope this makes a little sense otherwise I will need to repost with the correct terminology and a few screen shots.


No thoughts on this one?

Yes you can translate it in VSTPRESET format but for some synth is one by one or like the korg import FXB in your korg then in the menu “load/save preset” And choose the option to translate all FXB