Does Instrument Tracks takes more CPU than VST via MIDI?

Hey everyone,

haven’t been able to find anything on it, but just a thing that made me wonder:

Does it take more CPU to add an instrument track than creating a VST and load it to a MIDI track?

Maybe a stupid question but just wondered if I would gain more of my CPU power by excluding Instrument Tracks and went back to the old method

I think nowadays it’s about equal. A difference that there is, is longer loading times for individual instrument tracks.

I’ve done tests “multitimbral VST with midi channels” vs “multiple Instrument tracks”. There is a difference, although it’s not dramatic. A more heavy stuff like Omnisphere or Battery 4 sure eats more CPU if you load 10 instances instead of one multitimbral. But i still do many Instrument tracks because navigating through VST Rack and doing multitimbral automation takes a lot of time and mental powers.
If you don’t mean multitimbral stuff, i think there’s absolutely no difference, especially in 7.5, because now they got almost the same.