Does it matter where I go to 44.1, 16 bit?

I am demoing Wavelab and can’t post there. So, I thought I’d ask here.

Does it matter if I render to CD sample and bit rate at Cubase or Wavelab?

I am using eternal hardware in both Cubase and Wavelab. I am also using 64 bit UAD, Waves and Steinberg plugins.

Thanks for your advice.


Not really, if it´s the last processing step, (unless you think one of the two has a better samplerate converter)

Wavelab would be the last processing step. So, what you are saying is it does matter that I render down to 44.1, 16 bit in Wavelab, right?

Yes - Export from Cubase (preferably) in 32 Bit FP and reduce samplerate / bitdepth as very last step - everything else would be lossy…

Thank you thinkingcap.