Does LE5 work with Windows 10?

If yes, I’m guessing this is very old news and I’ve been out of the loop too long!

Well… here is the official list… so it will be a crap shoot.

But… I can tell you that my CB LE4 works on Win 10.

I would be more concerned about if your old audio interface will work with Win 10. Check that Mfg’s website and see if they have a driver for you.

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It will load in Windows 10, but there could be a few issues that didn’t exist in your previous system.

I strongly recommend you to upgrade to Cubase Elements 9.5, which fully supports Windows 10 and adds a ton of new stuff, along with many workflow and usability improvements for just 49 bucks.

Please remember to register your Cubase LE to your MySteinberg account before switching to a new system. You’ll then be able to use it by just reactivating the license:

My interface is a Zoom R16 and no problem with Win 10 drivers.
Cubase seems to work OK but I’ve only had a very brief play.
The reason I’d asked is that I had recently bought a laptop from my boss. It had been playing up and I figured I could fix it. It’s far more powerful (and much quieter) than the old machine Cubase is currently running on. I had tried a fresh install of Windows 7 with the OEM disc, but kept running into troubles with Win7 SP1 update and other updates failing.
Anyway, in the end, I’ve started afresh with Win 10, and so far - so good, but I’ve done very little so far with Cubase as I have to find my plug-ins… Anyone who can tell me what I’ve done with them would be a genius!
What kind of problems do you imagine Windows 10 might cause? If Elements 9.5 can open my previous projects and has other pluses, I’d certainly consider it.