Does Lion have better performance than Snow Leopard?

Just wondering if anyone has noticed better performance with Lion vs Snow Leopard in particular with low latencies and recording many tracks at one time with a few plugins. I did notice that Snow Leopard did improve this situation over Leopard. Hoping the same with Loon.


Lions are good at catching wildebeeste and the Snowleopard gets what the polar bears leave behind.
Sorry, couldn’t resist. :mrgreen:

Aloha S,

When Lion arrived I read thru all 250 + ‘new features’.
I did this twice.

I did not find one feature enhancement regarding
Core audio or Core MIDI.
Nothing in this up-date helps pro musicians.

Snow Leopard did all the ‘under-the-hood’ magic and Lion
now just adds the ‘fins’ and shiny flashing lights and buttons.

As far as performance, from what I have learned
via reading and podcasts, Lion is better than SL in some areas
and the same or worst in others.

But from what I can tell no real advances for us
DAW users on the Mac side.