Does mediabay automatically detect the key of imported samples?

Currently it doesn’t seem to, I think other than it’s own steinberg loop samples? Anyway of making it detect them so that the pitch lines up correctly with the projects key ?

Detecting the key of imported melodic samples is technically somewhere between “quite hard but could work for some well-behaved samples” and “not realistically possible in a way that always works.”
The reason it works for Steinberg samples, is that the sound files have the metadata already put in by whoever created the sample file. Perhaps there is some kind of WAVE file information chunk that can give you the same information for loose samples, but you’d still have to put that into the file in the first place when it’s created.

Yeah I just wanted to double check if steinberg had it built in - I didn’t think it did though as I tried many methods. I’ll just use serato sample plugin it’s fine, it does it perfectly - just would be nice if cubase had this built in - no doubt a future update -all the foundations are there already what with tempo detect and vary audio etc.

If Cubase’s Mediabay could read Key and/or BPM metadata in mp3 or wav files, that would be already very convenient for me.
Or can Cubase already do this ?

It can detect bpm but not key. You have to input the key yourself as far as I can see