Does Microphone from AXR4 work with Windows Input Audio?

I feel dumb asking this, but after researching and tech support, I’ve yet to confirm the AXR4 (usb) works as an input device for Windows Audio (i.e. a microphone signal in Ch. 1 can be detected by windows, and can be used for all windows applications like Slack or Discord).

Windows definitely recognizes there is an input, but I’m getting zero volume. And there’s no option to setup specific audio channels. In my DAW, everything works fine. And previous cards like the UR-22 worked fine both in Cubase and Windows.

I’ve scoured the Window’s settings, checked and rechecked DSPmixer settings and that all the obvious stuff like microphones are working, and phantom power is on. I’ve tested all four mic channels. What’s disturbing is that used a laptop to retest the hardware on and I still couldn’t get an input signal in Windows.

Any insight from Window’s users would be incredible. Tech support is in the middle of testing hardware, and I’ll update here with a solution as soon as I have one.

Got it working.

In DspMixFx, I set the Mic input to Line 5/6, and in output I activated the loopback for Line 5/6. Loopback is the key for sending the mic signal to the PC. What threw me off was that loopback wouldn’t work for Line 1 /2–nor would Line 1/2 get my mic signal. This probably has something to do with my monitors being setup to Line 1/2.

Anyhow, hope this helps someone in the future.

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