Does Midex 8 work with Mac and C Pro 8? And if not...


I own a Midex 8 and it seems to work very well with Win 8.1 unsupported drives (on PC). Can anyone confirm whether it will work with a Mac and the latest version of Yosemite?

If not, could anyone recommend me a decent Midi interface (obviously for Mac) that has at least 3 Midi Ins and has as little latency as possible. I am planning on upgrading to a master Keyboard controller that is USB but I can’t afford to at the minute so I need to be able to plug in my 3 Midi Devices via 5 pin midi etc

Thanks for any help and advice


It works just fine here, though the studio computer is on 10.9 not 10.10. I would be surprised if that would break it though.

For many years the Midex 8 didn’t work with OS X at all, then a kind-hearted Sternberg programmer wrote the new driver in his spare time (AIUI)

This is great Music to my ears! Thank you.

To me too! :slight_smile: