Does muting tracks reduce disk streaming?

Something I’ve always wondered:
If I take the mute tool to an audio event, does that stop Cubase from streaming the audio file?
…like how bypassing plugins doesn’t stop their processing, only powering them off does.

If you disable a track, it does shut off all disk activity and processing for that track:

I don’t know whether muting does that too, but my guess would be no. Maybe somebody else knows?

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I don’t know the answer, but it seems like it would be fairly easy to test it yourself and see.

Create a Project with a big bunch of Audio Tracks and Quick Link the Tracks. Then launch Task Manager or Performance Manager and watch what happens to the disk activity when you mute & unmute the Tracks.

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great idea. That would require a degree of non-laziness… but I will get to it.

I often mute tracks thinking it MIGHT help with resource management, and it would be nice to just actually know.

Thanks for the idea.

I hear ya.

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