Does my computer need rapid start/storage drivers?

Hi, Did a clean re-install of W7 but since the re-install I cannot install the following drivers,

RapidStart_Win7-64_Win7(v1.0.01014) and RapidStorage(

I get a window saying my system does not meet the requirements…which is weird because I havent changed my system and these drivers were presumably in there before… :confused: :confused:

my MB is a ASROCK P67 Fatal1ty performance and these drivers are from their own site…

I’m getting strange behaviour from cubase since the re-install, saving slowly or not bothering to save at all and freezing the computer…, I also have some templates saved as cpr files which will not load, they loaded before with no issues…
I don’t blame Cubase for this, I think (hope) it’s something to do with the missing drivers…

any help would be good cause I’m very stuck… :frowning: :frowning:

cheers, Kevin. :slight_smile:

Rapid start/storage, usually switched on or off in the bios and then looks for drivers on start up. Its a power saving utility that puts drives to sleep when not in use, also flushes unused pages from cache when drives resume activity and power up. Not good for real time daw…?

so are you saying it’s better not to have them…? that I do not need them in W7 OS?

Never had them switched on or installed on this build. SSD and standard drives installed, obviously it would take time for standard drive to spin up to speed. Is there a need to reduce power to ssd drives to put them into idle mode? Sort of defeats the object, bit like soft start on powered monitors that go to sleep when no signal is detected really.

Try out the drive tweaks here, made a great difference when building this one :slight_smile:

Intel RST is a RAID mechanism.
I’d be very surprised if you couldn’t just disable it in the BIOS/UEFI…

EDIT: My bad, it’s actually both, rapid storage is RAID, rapid start is power savings/sleep mechanism…