Does N6 have the Combined Dual Panner?

I have N5 and Cubase 7.5. Cubase doesn’t have the Combined Dual Panner, which I really like in N5. Has it disappeared from the new mixer in N6, or is it one of the things that makes N6 different from C7?


No, it’s still there.


I have both Cubase7.5 and Nuendo6.
The panning options are identical.
In the preferences under VST drop down menu ,you have 3 default stereo panning modes.
Stereo Dual Panner (Remote Control Devices only)
Stereo Combined Panner
Stereo Balance Panner

So it should be there for you in Cubase.
I don’t really understand the “remote control devices only” option, and of course there is no mention of it in the manual.

This really p’s me off - Software developers who don’t document all options are really not paying attention. I have always found that the best way to keep on top of the documentation is to write it as each feature is developed, so that nothing gets overlooked and all the intricacies are written down before they are forgotten.

This is really strange - if you have Cubase 7.5, can you just check to see if the Stereo Dual Panner is actually available from the drop down list to the right of the panner? Because for me, there are just 2 options, Stereo Combined and Stereo Balance. I agree in the Prefs under VST, there is Stereo Dual Panner (Remote Control Devices only) but how to select it for a channel??

BTW I was having problems even finding the Panner drop down option hotspot - sometimes it was there and sometimes it wasn’t, but I just updated to C7.5.1 and it seems to be there all the time now, but only if you roll the cursor from left to right, the other direction doesn’t show it.

I really hate these hidden hotspots, they make my workflow infinitely worse because I waste time trying to find them.

It is not in the drop down list in Cubase 7.5. Only in the preferences with the “remote control devices only” option.
Still have not found any reference to that in the manual, very annoying.

It is the same in N6, but when I activate it in prefs, I also get it in the MixConsole too.
I’m using a controller, so not sure what would happen if you activated the pref without one…

I use the Artist MC Control and Mix, but cannot get the Stereo Dual panner to show up, only the Stereo Combined or Stereo Balance panner is available regardless of pref. settings.

So it does appear that N6 and C7.5 have the same stereo panners. Fredo, can you or anyone explain if it’s possible to access the Combined Dual Panner without the use of a remote device?

+1 on a) the confusion and b) some irritation with documentation not going deep enough.



The replacement Stereo Combined Panner is pretty cool once you get used to it. Works kind of like the Ruler for locating, Mouse as Slider style.

Click and hold on the Panner then scroll vertical or horizontal, depending, and you can get what you want probably quicker than Stereo Dual Panner, which I was a fan of as well. IMO, the Stereo Combined is actually better once you get into it.

I know, that’s a separate issue from the SB decisions to toss the Stereo Dual. Still, it could be worse.

Yes. I found a “second” panner; I don’t know which it is, but is nice. It allows you to reduce the stereo width of a track, and position this “narrowed” signal the way you would any normal signal.

Granted, it wasn’t “obviously” present.

Thanks for that tip - what I was really missing from the old panner was to easily reverse L and R and narrow the width. Once you know about dragging the panner vertically this becomes a lot easier with the new panner.

Still hate the hidden hotspots, having to select everything twice because the window was hidden, lack of dedicated buttons, can’t change an insert by selecting a new one…and on…and on…

And By-pass Insert - it simply doesn’t do anything does it?

Yeah, I found it worked via Mouse As Slider by accident. I was thinking the new one sucked as well, but I have to admit once I got that sorted, the new one is good, probably better.

Agree that documentation on these things would be handy.

This reminds me of Amplitude/Sequoia … :slight_smile: