Does not recognize SCOPE ASIO (sonic-core)

I work on 8 versions without problems. I put the 10th version next to it, and the 10th version does not want to recognize the ASIO driver of my sound card. I have a sonic core sound card.
Windows 10.
Help me please.

I can not use Nuendo without ASIO. Please, help.

Have you tried to reinstall the Scope driver ?
Could be that the asioscope.dll didn’t got registered properly in Nuendo 10.

I think this problem is becoming quite common. Cubase 10.5 does not recognize Asio Scope drivers. Cubase 9.5 works correctly but 10.5 does not. I was thinking of buying Cubase 10.5 pro but seeing that my professional scope will no longer work I have thought about it and I will not. It’s great audio hardware and I’m not going to do without it. I hope that Steinberg realizes that there are many people, some famous, who work with this platform and that he is going to force us to migrate to other DAWs.
It’s a shame because I’ve been resisting migrating to Protools, Ableton, Mixbus for years … but …

Creo que este problema está siendo bastante común. Cubase 10.5 no reconoce los drivers Asio Scope. Cubase 9.5 funciona correctamente pero 10.5 no. Estaba pensando comprar Cubase 10.5 pro pero viendo que mi scope professional ya no funcionará lo he pensado y no lo haré. Es un hardware genial para audio y no voy a prescindir de él. Espero que Steinberg se de cuenta de que hay mucha gente, algunos famosos, que trabajamos con esta plataforma y que nos va a obligar a migrar hacia otros DAW.
Es una pena porque llevo años resistiendome a migrar a Protools, Ableton, Mixbus… pero…

Después de luchar mucho tiempo con este problema al final he encontrado una solución; He puesto Cubase en compatibilidad Windows 8 y ahora reconoce los ASIO SCOPE. No sé por qué, pero lo hace. Reproduce bien, lo que no he probado es a grabar pero próximamente lo haré, a ver si no hay clicks y drops. Espero sea una pista para los programadores de Steinberg o Sonic-Core y para aquellos que tengan este mismo problema, como yo.

After struggling for a long time with this problem I have finally found a solution; I have put Cubase in Windows 8 compatibility and now it recognizes ASIO SCOPE. I don’t know why, but it does. It reproduces well what I have not tried is to record but soon I will do it, to see if there are no clicks and drops. I hope it is a clue for Steinberg programmers and for those who have this same problem, like me.

Un saludo.