Does Nuendo 7 re-conforming feature actually work?

Straight to the point, does Nuendo 7 re-conform feature works well with Avid 8?
That feature alone is the main reason we would upgrade from nuendo 5.5 we are now.
But time is very limited and we wouldn’t want to waste a couple days of setting up a new system (also have to upgrade OSX from 10.8.5)

Regarding OS, which OS is better to use 10.9 or 10.10?

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I haven’t used re-conform but I’m on a Mac with Mac OS X 10.11 (why would you want to go only to 10.9)?

Older systems usually don’t get important security patches, which in my opinion is quite important these days unless your system is not connected to any sort of network. Also, you’re increasingly left out of useful apps and tools for audio processing that are built on newer frameworks that are not present in older systems.

I found 10.11 to be very stable and also fast. I use Nuendo 7.1 on it which also runs really well in my opinion.

re the OSx question i was only asking cos on system requirements on Nuendo 7’s official page it says 10.9 or 10.10.
Good to hear yours is running ok on 10.11. Is it officially supported?

Yes, according to this page, it is officially compatible. I would guess with this it’s also officially supported. Does anybody know how it is with “official support”? I’d say if they tested it and it is officially declared compatible, it also should be officially supported?

10.11.6 latest release working well here with N7
I have used reconform with a LOT of projects since the release.
I would not know how to survive without it with the complexity of sessions and amount of changes I get at the moment. You still need to check your sessions and do some manual tweaking, don’t expect it to solve all your problems.
Sometimes this is obvious (transitions between scenes cannot work when new scenes are inserted, right?), sometimes it tends to copy multiple layers of the same file on top of itself and very rarely it gets mixed up in doing so.

Thanks Oliver, which Avid version have you been reconforming with?
We had a look at Avid’s EDL export thing toady and there are lots of settings to select there, any advice on a successful workflow?
If i get it right, to reconform in Nuendo 7 you need 2 EDL files from Avid, one from the old cut and one from the new one. Correct?
We have to work pretty much in parallel with picture editing on this new tv series project so reconforming will be a significant time saver.

Yes reconform not Only works Well, it also has features no other reconform has.
That still doesn’t make it perfect. But darn good.
I don’t have time to tell you exactly how to do this but a basic picture edl should do fine. Don’t mix audio and video in the same edl and just one V track in each edl. It will work best if the principal editing is on V1 “classic editing” and not spreading it out on loads of V tracks. And make sure to use the same edl export settings for each video version, and of course don’t forget that you need to get one for each delivered version that you intend to work on including the very first one.

I have mainly worked with editors using AVID MC 8.x.
I always tell them to send just the edits, no information for transitions etc. Also, you need very strict version filenames. They really need to make sure that your video export and video EDL need to have the same version numbers.
That way it usually works quite well and is a huge time saver.

We installed the demo of Nuendo 7 and opened our working project and we now try to get the right edl files from avid to do the reconforming. We named the edl files (old and new) with the exact same names as the videos (old and new respectively).
In EDL manager in avid there are lots of options for “EDL type”, we chose CMX_3600 but when went to load this edl file (as the old edl) in nuendo reconform menu it gave the error “The loaded EDL file does contain valid entries”.
What type of edl file do we need?
We read the manual but it doesn’t seem to mention what type the avid exported edl must be…
We really feel lost at the moment any help much appreciated.

You can open EDL files in a text editor, they are just plain text files.
What does the file look like?
A working video EDL should look like this and have 4 timecodes in a row source start/end, dest start/end.

Hope this helps

TITLE: SH2_S01_Sendungsaufbau_V2
001 A093C003 V C 09:48:31:03 09:48:48:04 00:00:00:00 00:00:17:01
002 UNTITLED V C 01:00:00:00 01:00:03:17 00:00:02:19 00:00:06:11
003 B081C006 V C 10:27:33:13 10:27:38:05 00:00:17:01 00:00:21:18
004 B081C001 V C 09:42:28:16 09:42:35:07 00:00:21:18 00:00:28:09
005 B081C017 V C 12:12:34:17 12:12:36:03 00:00:28:09 00:00:29:20
006 B081C001 V C 09:42:36:18 09:42:38:11 00:00:29:20 00:00:31:13
007 B081C006 V C 10:27:52:03 10:27:53:23 00:00:31:13 00:00:33:08
008 B081C001 V C 09:42:39:11 09:42:41:05 00:00:33:08 00:00:35:02

After several trial and error attempts with AVid EDL new exporting feature we managed to do it successfully…
thanks for all the help.

So in the end, what settings for Avid worked? What could I advise the editor please?

Are you saying that the video file that’s in Nuendo needs to have the same name as the EDL file?



So I got this Reconfirm to work, and it was frankly amazing.

I asked the editor to provide some EDL’s. After it worked I asked him what he did in Avid that worked so well.

This was his answer:

"It was file32 (EDL format)

I’m on Avid 8.5.3, I think the list tool (which is what avid now calls the EDL manager for some reason) was updated in 8 so anyone on version 8 or higher should be generating them the same way I did.

Under the ‘include in list’ option there are 3 tabs, Picture, Sound and Both with lots of options that can be ticked. The only two options I had ticked were Clip Names and Source File Name in the Both tab.

Other than that, I had Optimize EDL ticked as well. And that’s it. Hope it helps you out in the future."

I am really impressed with this. Saving potential hours of time.


When you want to use an AUDIO EDL for CONFORMING audio (not RECONFORMING) you need to make sure to exclude everyting such as fades, otherwise Nuendo will not function as expected.

Still problems here, every time a new edit comes i get mismatches…I dont know what really works. I also suspect its a bit buggy. I followed the advice of Goodbyenine above but with no luck.

I just have to chime in about the reconform feature. We create a new DVD for each of our new live shows. We film 4 different performances which are then edited together for the DVD. In the past we always had to line up each edit from each show by hand. This would take about a week per act. 2 acts in a show. Up to 2 weeks total.

We used reconform for the very first time this week.

It placed all the audio from all four shows right where it needed to go.

It did this in only 20 minutes for one act.

I will kiss whoever put reconform into Nuendo (or maybe just shake their hand so as to avoid litigation) but the point remains that we were just saved days and days of work with this single feature.

That, by itself, just paid for Nuendo.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Darren “Reconformed” Ingram


Yes works well here.