Does Nuendo 7 Support 4K/5K/6K Playback?

I am working on a project (Quicktime ProRes422 HQ) that has a final-cut export in 5K resolution.

Nuendo 7 is unable to display the video at full resolution. Only a re-framed zoomed-in section of the full frame was output on the Video Player.

After multiple exports, only a 2K export was able to play (at full resolution).

Does Nuendo officially support 4K/5K or 6K playback on the Video Player?

As someone who does a lot of video editing, I would NEVER expect a Sound Designer, Mixer or Engineer to be working with a full resolution version of the video. Never, especially 4K. You need the processing power for your VSTs and your DAW, not video playback. 4K video will also be thrashing your hard drive and seriously affect the ability of your computer to keep up with data IO.

Using ProRes rather than H.264 is a good as it is less processor intensive but you should be getting a ProRes LT file at 1080p or even 720p. Make sure you match frame rates and both be working in either DF or NDF in your settings and his project. Just be the same and consistent. Frame size, however, has no bearing on your ability to collaborate. When you import the video into Nuendo it should pickup the frame rate and nature of the timecode of the video you are working on.


One of the Steinberg reps or developers if they chime in here, can tell you have efficient the Nuendo video engine is at working with H.264 files. It may in fact be fine. Also the length of your video may play into things. If it is a commercial or a two hour video that could easily change the way you approach encoding and sizing your video. Still a 4K preview video in Nuendo regardless is not necessary or considered standard workflow for sound design or mixing.

It could be great.

Pretty much as efficient as every other video engine, since it is all a matter of processing power.
The more compressed the video, the more processing power is needed to de-compress the video in real time.
So it’s hardly a matter of coding rather than CPU, disc access and memory.


This workstation is capable of handling 4K/5K/6K native playback in Premiere CC 2015, so was expecting the same performance from the Video Player in Nuendo-7 as well.

However, there is some playback issue. Only 2K, or lower, resolutions are working through Video Player. Is this a software design limitation?

Currently I am working off a 2K final export, without any issues, so curious.

I think that if it works through Premiere CC it begs the question of whether or not you have GPUs aiding in that. Because if you do it’s really comparing apples to oranges, and the issue is as Fredo stated it.

I’d never want UHD video on my audio machine. Seems entirely unnecessary. Well… maybe 5 years from now when it’s no longer a big deal…


Servus, Big K ( … can hear much better than see, anyway …lol…)

Premiere Pro relies on either CUDA or OpenGL Graphic Cards to handle most of the processing grunt required for screen rendering of the video. Little of it comes from the computer’s CPU. Read up on “Mercury Playback Engine.” and CUDA and OpenGL acceleration for video playback.

To put it simply, no. More thank 2K isn’t currently supported.
But it might get supported in future video engines. Since they have to leave the AT api.
I don’t know, but it would be a natural move.

That being said, as others here point out. Using a 4K prores is more than twice the load compared to a 2K.