does NVIDIA setting afftect Cubase ?

trying different settings inside Nvidia control panel. Performance-Quality
but cant see any difference.
Is that means this many post of right settings for Cubase inside Nvidia Control panel, are false ?

Only one thing was interesting, when my CP settings put to Quality, and when i open FF pro Q or iZotope Ozone, inside task manager GPU loading going up. when using Cubase, gpu %load stay at zero.

I’ll say that, for me, it seems to make a slight difference when Cubase in my graphics card “Power management Mode” is set to “Prefer maximum Performance”. I seem to get less graphic and audio issues. Never noticed anything better on the meters though.

Who knows… this may be BS and just a feeling I have. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

in my side no difference :smiley:

btw, update Nvidia driver to the last one, and LatencyMon shows less DPC latency (80% less)