Does running Rosetta to use VST2 still allow for Kontakt VST3 to function?

The question I’m currently trying to figure out concerns Native /Rosetta. I just ordered a new Mac Studio and will upgrade to Cubase 12 when it arrives. Trying to determine if it’s a one or the other situation regarding Rosetta vs Native.

For example… NI Battery 4 (vst2) is currently compatible via Rosetta, but Kontakt (vst3) is natively compatible with Silicon. So I’m wondering if running Rosetta to use Battery still allows for Kontakt to function or vice versa? Do I have to choose one or the other or will the native stuff still run while in Rosetta?

VST3 is also ‘native’ for Mac Intel and Silicon.


Thanks for the reply.

So does ‘native’ mean it will run even while Rosetta is also running? Sorry for the ELI5, as I’m not super familiar with some of this basic terminology.

Native means runs without a translator. Rosetta is a translator see Rosetta Stone for the etymology

Thank you, Steve.

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