Does "RX Connect" work for you?

Pretty straight forward. Does it work as advertized for you 100% of the time?

I got an email back from RX tech support saying it works “90% of the time” and it appears neither Steinberg nor iZotope care about this any longer. Can you guys please let me know if it’s working so we can perhaps figure out if there is something in setup/procedure that can be changed to make it work for the rest of us…?

No, I’ve tried it on Spectral Repare but I get a blank clip or a different part of the clip when I press process.

It works for me 90% of the time… I wish it would work every time.
I really don’t like this workflow, it is time consuming and unstable. I notice that I’m not using it that much because of this user unfriendly interface.

Best, Alan

95 %…Working inside RX is much better then with older version…and the way to and back…Yes. Its a compromise.
Most importend: “extend prozess range” must be uncheked (plugIn window - more)