Does samplerate affect tuning of Vst instruments?

Hi all

I normally record my projects at 44.1 khtz and when I play a real guitar along with my vst instruments, everything sounds in tune . However, I have been asked to record a track for video and the project needs to be in 48khz.
My problem is, when I set my project to 48khtz, all my virtual instruments are no longer In tune with my guitar.
The project is empty at the start and the sample rate is set to 48 khtz. I then open The Grand 3 virtual piano and record a midi track. I then attempt to record a real guitar track on an audio channel but the two instruments are no longer in tune.
This happens with all vsti’s I try to use. The tuning seems to change when I switch to 48khtz.
If the project is 44.1 khtz then there is no problem.
The sound card is set at 48khtz so no mismatch there.
The guitar is in tune to 440 khtz tuner
I’m using a focusrite Scarlett 18i20 on an AMD Ryzen 9. Platform 64 GB memory
Any advice much appreciated.

I guess your hardware doesn’t follow the sample rate set from the project and stays at 44.1kHz.

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Im using a Focusrite 18i20 (Gen 2) and if i change the samplerate in Cubase Pro the settings for my soundcard syncs and changes automatic. And what tuning is the guitar in? I use a 7 string downtuned a whole step so its in A.

st10ss beat me by like 2 sec :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reply, the guitar is in tune as per physical guitar tuner and is set to 440 normal tuning
All sounds fine and in tune with other real instruments, bass, piano etc

Thanks for reply, focusrite software states 48 khtz

All fixed now, the card was switching out of sync and reverting back to 44.1. I think it was synced to my synth. Sorry for the user error and thanks again for all the help