Does somebody know a laptop "guaranteed" to work with Cubase 10/Windows 10

I need a laptop for music production and recording,
went and bought Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501GI with Intel i7-8750H, 24 Gt, 512 Gt SSD, GeForce GTX 1080 8 Gt , Win 10.

Got a new RME Babyface Pro, installed newest Cubase 10, Kontakt and some sound libraries. Opened up 2 Vst instrument tracks, right away real time peaks
were hitting 100%. Tried recording and there were pops and crackle.
I had the buffer size set to 128 samples.

Tried optimizing windows with the tips you get from internet, shutting down background tasks/apps , uninstalled some of the extra Nvidia stuff that was installed. After few hours got the real time peaks tamed but it they were still pretty wild for having just few instruments and there were still pops and crackles.
After awhile decided it was too much work considering the laptop cost 2900 euros.

So can anybody suggest tried and tested laptop that can handle 50+ tracks with vocals and vst instruments and having a low-latency. Cubase 10, Windows 64 bit. Budget 3000 euros.