Does Spectral Layers 10 Pro Have Real Time Pitch Shifting?

My old version of Samplitude Pro X has a very transparent sounding pitch control, and also allows me to adjust pitch instantly with a slider while playing the track. This isn’t a Spectral Layers presales dealbreaker as I can do pitch shifting using Samplitude-or even JRiver or Foobar players-after making the repairs in Spectral Layers. Still, real time pitch shifting in Spectral Layers during playbacks would be invaluable.

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Sort of - see the video below :

I can’t hear the audio but it’s okay; I’ll use JRiver or Samplitude with their pitch control for playbacks. Btw, why can’t I post links, even those to other pages here in this forum? Is it because I’m a new member? I wanted to post a link now to ask you to reply there at the thread called “Artifacts in unmixed audio”. Please check it out when you have the time. :slight_smile: