Does Steinberg intend to cancel the Controlroom?


now having had a closer look at the documentation of the cmc series i am confused:

It seems that the whole Controlroomfunction is NOT supported by the CMCs “natively”. Pick out the “Listen” button on the channel strips, or even the cr-sends… The remote support for the Listen button is simply ommitted .

If I got that right, this is sad and disturbing.

Does Steinberg not believe in the Control Room feature?

Regards, Ernst

Please Earnst dont give them ideas! :laughing:

Heres my take on things…These controllers are more aimed at the lower end of the market, portable, convenient Home studio/Bedroom producers, “One man & his Geetar” et al…where actual Recording using the control room (talent sends etc) may not be used. CR one of the the main omissions in ALL the lesser versions of Cubase as such, so to me this makes a bit of sense, Its the only reasoning I can see, otherwise they should have included a CR module specifically in the CMC series.

All of the above is where I think things stand…Its plausible…and please dont shoot me down for having a stab in the dark. :laughing:

ps…if there was to be a larger more professional Modular system coming with Scribble strips/endless enncoders/real faders etc. WITH the Control room features, then this would make even more sense…no :bulb:

I am using the CMCs with the control room. The QC knobs can control the send levels and there are 8 programmable keys on the CH model which you can program to anything that is keyboard shortcut addressable including the listen bus enable.

All the best,


You made a few people very happy with that tidbit! myself included, well done Greg :smiley: would Steiny not be clever enough to get you to do a few videos with these in action? :wink:

He is on a few videos already, if I’m not mistaken (judging by the voice). They aren’t the greatest though.