Does synth1 by Daichi function in C7?

Hello fellow Cubase users!
I have a question for You… As of now I’m using Cubase 6.5.3 and I like it a lot. One of the most appreciated vst’s in my instrument collection is the legend freeware synth1 (v1.12) by Daichi. It works great under Cubase 6.5 but has anyone tested synth1 under the new Cubase 7?

on my mac it works as should.

thanks for replying.

Yes I saw on the Daichi/synth1 homepage that synth1 for mac is vst 3.5 so it should work. The problem is that the windows version of synth1 is vst 2.0 :open_mouth: so if anyone using windows Cubase 7 knows if it works then please let Us know.

Why not check these out too? :slight_smile:

He He! Well, I’m sure they are good, but once You have tested synth1 then any other vst synth (including the 200$ synths) is just simple belly stuffing :laughing:

So the question is still on: does synth1 work in cubace 7 (windows)?

Works fine here (Windows 8 64 bit). Only problem is (which I also had in 6.5) that when I move a knob the Synth1 GUI disappears and I only see the changing value.

Thanks brother, that sounds great! :smiley: You are also correct about that GUI thing, it happens for me too in Cubase 6.5 and I use windows 7. But I feel I can live with it since the sound is so fantastic on synth1.

Just bridge it with Jbridge and in the settings activate “switch to separate gui mode” and the gui behaves normal :smiley: (still on 6.5.4 here)

After testing the demo version of Cubase 7.0.2 I can now confirm that the combo - Synth1 & Cubase 7 works great!