Does the Bravura font have a tuning fork symbol?

And if so, how can I find it?

Here is the page with the full smufl specification:

There is a search function and sadly I’m not seeing anything.

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Thank you, @Romanos ! – Thank you, @Mark_Johnson , for fixing my spelling error!

@dspreadbury A tuning fork in the Bravura font would be a most welcome addition. Used a lot with percussion setups and also piano… what do you think?

I wouldn’t vote against it. But you’ll have to make a formal request with the W3C Music Notation Community Group.

In the meantime, I found an impressive assortment of tuning fork icons that could be imported as a graphic.

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In what context would you use it? (i.e. as part of what sort of instruction?)

@benwiggy: In an orchestra piece by a contemporary composer it is used as a percussion instrument, on strings and on the piano. I know my around it, so no problem. I was just a bit surprised that, given the amount of symbols Bravura offers, there is no tuning fork… :slight_smile: Since I didn’t believe it I only wanted to ask around here and confirm…


How about creating a new symbol like this?

I’m also surprised how Bravura missed to include the Diapason symbol.

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