Does the CC 121 controller work with Cubase 13?

Has anybody info about how the CC 121 controller works with Cubase 13. Does it work with the different start modes implemented in cubase 13. How do the transport buttons 1 and 4 work on the controller?


Any problems with the EQ section?



CC121 is working with Cubase 13 here.

Thanks Martin!
Is it just like in Cubase 12?
Do the filters work which have been added to the eq section in the mixer?

Yes it works the same as in C12.
I didn’t test the different start modes yet.
CC121 controls EQ and Sends only by default. So you can’t adjust the pre section on the new EQ pop-up in the mixer.
However you can try my Remote Script for the CC121 that adds support for the pre section and works well so far:

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Thanks Macro!
I have now upgraded. Your script looks very interesting. I definitely will try it out. :slight_smile:

Are we talking Windows or Apple silicon?.. It took Yamaha a while to update the required midi driver to work natively on apple silicon so the CC121 could be used w/o Rossetta… I’d like to know if it works natively on Apple silicon and which version of Mac OS it’s working on if anyone has verified that yet.

YES… 100% working under Windows 11 Pro

Even more so , so do the CMC’s :wink:

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Under C13 Pro, CC121 works fine by itself, Korg NanoKontrol works fine by itself too but when when I want to use them together, the moment I turn on CC121, NanoKontrol dies…
Any idea why or how I can fix this?


Do you use CC121 with the native component or with the MIDI Remote script, please?

Over here CC121 doesn’t work in C13 (native), until I go to studio setup, assign input and output to none and then back to CC121. This has to be done every time I open a project or restart Cubase. Any ideas?

Once again, a restart of PC was all what was needed)

It took a reboot after installing Cubase 13 to make the CC121 work over here (on Windows 11), but after that reboot, it worked fine, just like it did in Cubase 12.

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I have now tested every function on the CC121 in Cubase 13. I’m in Windows 11
It works perfect. The start button follows what is chosen in the new start mode settings. :slight_smile:

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Rebooting or reinstalling CC121 didn’t solve the problem for me. It seemed to work after reinstalling, but the next time I open Cubase, it’s the same problem again. It will only work one way - receive, but not send.

YES… 100% working as usual under Windows 11 Pro

I work with Nuendo 13 and Apple Silicon and my CC 121 doesn’t work, anybody else with N13 on Apple Silicon with a working CC 121?

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I am Apple Silicon as well…maybe will be fixed in next updates…

sorry - I didn’t notice Nuendo - I work with Cubase 13.0.20

I’m running latest Sonoma and Cubase on MBP and CC121 working fine here via a TB 4 dock with USB-A ports.