Does the CC121 contain a CMOS battery?

Hi there all

Does anybody know if the CC121 contain a CMOS battery and if so what may the procedure be to replacing it?

Hi nostrami,
just noticed your message and wanted to ask did you managed to get sorted on this CMOS battery issue in the CC121?
I asked because mine has stopped working altogether and I’ve absolutely no idea why. I then found your message and thought could this be my problem?
Any thoughts anyone?

I never found out whether or not the CC121 has a cmos battery!
My device is currently working despite episodes of it refusing to operate properly.
For me this has been going on for over two years. I didn’t get any real help from Steinberg support as I bought my CC121 secondhand. I paid a lot of money for it and when this device works it really improves Cubase workflow.
I am on Cubase 12. I have had episodes sometime lasting months where the darn thing will not work. It follows controls from Cubase but apart from the fader and the remote switch all the buttons and knobs are dead.
Does your CC121 follow the controls when you operate Cubase with a mouse and keyboard? Ie do the corresponding lights follow?
No other controller will work with Cubase the way the CC121 does!
Boy, when it doesn’t work I really miss it! especially the ai control!
Despite Steinberg palming me off with a redundant repair workshop in Germany that wont answer calls for repair estimates. I persevered and kept my unit inline and when I was fiddling about with Windows (10) one day it started working again.
Do you have a Steinberg Soundcard by any chance? I would like to know the answer to that question as my theory is that there is a driver conflict somewhere on the USB bus and I think Steinberg/Yamaha’s drivers are at fault, despite them denying it!
To me it manifests when I do anything to change the USB hook up and I can follow Steinberg’s install and uninstall procedure until I am blue in the face with no results, then, inexplicably if I touch something on windows or plug or unplug a usb unit or storage device , my CC121 will stop or start again .
I am using a Steinberg UR 28M sound device and my theory is that the drivers for that are conflicting somewhere in the system.
I mean after a lengthy discourse with Steinberg support they simply ended the correspondence by suggesting my unit was defective, which for nearly two years I believed was the case. Now after me switching the unit on and off , last in the sequence, it sometimes will spring into life and work as solidly as the day I first turned it on. It has been working fine for most of January but I do have USB storage device waiting to be installed and I am dreading my CC121 will stop working once more.
SO I will say this again. " I think there is a driver conflict stopping my CC121 working fluently every time I add another device into my USB chain" and I will add, " I think it is something to do with the UR28M yamaha steinberg drivers"!
This might also be the case with any UR device.
I still didn’t get to the bottom whether or not there was a cmos battery in the CC121?
I hope you can get yours working again, despite being nearly 15 years old, the CC121 is still the king of Cubase controllers!