Does the "Drag delay" function work properly?

After precisely synchronising dialogue to video, I really don’t want to accidentally move any events in the project window. So, I was delighted to find the “Drag delay” preference which is intended to prevent accidental movement by only allowing you to move an event after a predetermined delay.
I may be using this incorrectly but even with the maximum 500ms delay allowed in the Preferences (Edit page), I still find that I can move an event even when I am making as quick a click and drag as I can.

Are other users finding the same thing? Is this broken?


I lock everything to prevent moving stuff.

Regards, Marty.

Works fine for me. I set it to 0 btw as I do lightspeed editing. And lock what needs to stay put, as suggested.

Lukas, glad thats working for you. I’ve tried with it again and still don’t see how it helps prevent accidental movements on my system. I’ll have to lock tracks when all edits have been made.

I realize that locking has its drawbacks. But these can be overcome by creating clever macros :slight_smile:

yeah, or you could hide those tracks temporarily with visibility agents, or use the split arrange and move them to the top… there are quite a few ways, depends on your workflow.

Yes, I love the visibility agents.