Does the ( internal ) MIDI Timing need a fix?

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Is the Cubase MIDI timing Broken? How can i fix it?

What is the problem with yours? If you’re getting a random syncing problem, you may want to check the “use system time stamp” option in the midi port setup.



My problem is with routing midi from a plugins midi out to another track

So i m talking about the internal midi between tracks ( that used to be rock solid in earlier cubase versions )

Are you talking routing sequenced midi info from a midi track or an instrument track? And is that being routed to another instrument track?
I can take a midi track or an instrument track and route it to any instrument in Cubase and it will play with the same concurrence as the original track. No problems on my end.


Yes Sequenced midi from midi track /// or VST instrument with a MIDI out, sending to other tracks

Routing as you mentioned above works fine, but when routing midi to vst that is routed to other vsts ( arpeggios ) or when routing one midi source track to multiple destinations ( layered instruments ) thats when the issue kicks in

Try to find exact reproduction steps that show this problem, then contact support about it or post it in the Issues forum.

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Cubase is working fine >> Setting System Time Stamp ( for all midi ) ( in Devices > MIDI ) fixed it