Does the Mono button in Control room work for Headphones?

Hello all,

I have a “Phones” channel set up in Cubase’s Control Room. My audio interface is an SSL2+. I like doing the bulk of my mix in mono on the monitors, but I’d like to switch to headphones occasionally for reference. When I want to put on my headphones to have a listen, I notice that if I click on the “Mono” button, it doesn’t change to mono in the headphones. The mono button only affects the Main mix monitors. Is this by design, or is my audio interface preventing this somehow?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations of vst plugins that I can use to accomplish this task via a Control Room insert on the phones without “coloring” the sound?


This is by design… it only affects the monitor sends

Mixconvert could help if available in your version

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Thank you for the reply. I have the pro version for 11, so I think I should have that plugin. I will try it!

It just seems a bit odd to me that a mono button is included for Monitors but not headphones. When doing a headphone reference, it would be nice to keep the mix consistent as going from listening in mono to stereo can trick you into thinking there’s more “frequency space” in the mix than actually exists. Hopefully Steinberg will consider adding this feature in an update rather than having to use an insert.

Thanks again for your response!

look at MAAT plugins, they have a nice free tool “2 buscontrol” , gives you correlation, balance and a few buttons: Mono, L/R, FLIP. I have that always in the mainbuss inserts.

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