Does the UR242 output 4 channel audio (from 4 Lines in) to a DAW?

I have tapes from an old 4 track deck that I want to transfer into Cubase AI that comes with the UR242.

This tape deck has 4 lines out. I’m thinking I could send these into the 1/4" Line inputs of the UR242 with: 1 & 2 in the front and 3 & 4 in the rear.

But will the UR242 then output 4 channels of audio over the USB into the DAW?

. I’m looking thru the UR242 and Cubase AI manuals and it looks like I need to go to the Inputs tab and see/adjust the number of buses. What I can’t seem to find is if the UR242 will automatically show 4 buses? Anyone know?

Yes it will.
The inputs will show up and you assign them to buses, in your case you just make four mono buses, one for each input.

Ok thanks. But if you look at the UR242 webpage (linked below) and expand the “Connectivity” section it says that it has 4 inputs but only 2 outputs. What does that mean? That it has 2 analog outputs? But can it still have 4 digital outputs over usb?

(And why would an audio interface need analog outputs if it’s purpose is to convert analog to digital?)

Yes the 242 has 4 inputs and 2 physical outputs (one stereo pair, same sound out of the headphones too), but the four inputs will show up in your daw:)

Because you probably want to be able to get the sound of of your computer to speakers and/or headphones:)