Does the UR44C need a particular USBC cable in order to work?

Hi…Does the UR44C need a perticular USBC cable for it to work?
I bought a top of the line USBC cable for 28Quid and the UR44C just will not produce any sound, If I use the cable supplied USBC to USB3 it works ok…
does anyone know whats goin on please before I send it back…
any help much apreciated.

Without testing that cable, I’d say it appears defective. You don’t need top-of-the-line. Here are the specs of the one I’m using with my UR44C.

USB Type C
PD Cord 60W

Any $10 medium grade data cable will do.
If it’s a charging cable, it won’t work.

Mine is indeed a charging cable. It supplies power to the unit from the USB-C PD (Power Delivery) port on my machine.

It’s this cable:

Ok, I meant « charging only » cables won’t work.
All data cables can also be used for charging, but a cable advertised as « charging » usually do not support data, unless explicitly stated, typ. in Gb/s.

Yes. true.