does the Yamaha N8 work with windows 7 64bit

Hi…after moocho researcho and comments from the good people of this forum I decided to upgrade my focusrite pro 24 to an SPL channel strip (for vocals) and a Yamaha N8 mixer…all is well untill I start to hear that the N8 doesn’t actually work with windows 7 (stands back in amazement) driver probs apparently… can this be true ? has anybody out there got a definitive answer ? and if it’s true can anyone suggest a good alternative, the compatibility with Cubase and the onboard reverb was a major draw for me…I didn’t go for the MR816 because it aint got midi and I’m trying to keep it simple because I’m very easily confused with “puters” and routing and suchlike…any comments much appreciated…thanks, Kevin

Yes, I have had my n12 working with Windows 7 for some months now with no problems whatsoever. There is a great forum over at gearslutz which is very comprehensive. This is the last page

Thank you SOOOOoooo much…I Emailed Yamaha weeks ago but seems they can’t be bothered to answer, looks like I’ll be getting myself an N8…would’ve got an 816 but…no midi, cheers, Kevin

had a look at the link you posted and there seems to have been a lot of driver issue’s, are they sorted now ?..Kevin

AT the moment it looks like the main driver issues are with Mac hardware for the newer versions or Mac OS. There can be some problems with Firewire - I had plenty but the support was really good. I used the phone support and they had the unit back twice until I found out that the Firewire on the motherboard (although the correct sort - TI) didn’t seem to be doing the job. I had to install a PCI version of the same thing! Once sorted it hasn’t missed a beat. I recommend you read the install manual for the driver(s) as there are a couple of things that need installing and sometimes the firmware might need upgrading. I hope this helps more than confuses?

Hi, it helps but also worries the crap out of me, I’m not good with “puters” this would have me pulling my hair out, so your saying I should check that I have the correct gear in my computer before installing the N8, thank you for your time on this…Kevin

Hi Keven, I can see you have a very capable computer. All you need to check is that you have firewire and that it is (hopefully) one of the recommended chipsets - Texas Instruments is one of the favourites, although there are others. If you look at the bottom of the “specs” page there are the recommended firewire chips. Here, I have pasted them in for you! AGERE FW323-05 - AGERE FW323-06 - TI TSB12LV23 + PHY - TI TSB12LV26 + TSB41AB03 - TI TSB43AB22/A - TI TSB43AB23 - VIA VT6306

Thanks Bob…really appreciate you taking the time to help me…you’ve made my life a lot easier, Kevin

:smiley: I hope it works out well.