Does this feature exist? MIDI pitch bend snap to zero

It would be so great to have a hotkey to snap pitch bend to zero when using the line tool. It’s aggravating to draw pitch bends and then have to manually drag the last hit point up to zero every time because the line tool gives me infinite options on the end point. I’d also be happy with a checkbox that makes the end of the pitch bend line only drag to -8192, 0, or 8191 unless a hotkey is pressed for “precision mode.” While the precision of the tool is nice to have, it’s pretty rare to create a pitch bend that stops or begins on a microtone.

It’s already there. Pitch Bend Snap. There’s even a key command to toggle it on and off!

Look for the little button on the left in the Pitch Bend lane in the Key Editor.


Awesome, thanks a lot! That’s so good to know.