Does track out is available in C10 Artist version?

Is it possible to export each individual track seperatly in Cubase 10 Artist? For example track with kick, bass, drums, synths, etc.

Also, is side-chain is available in Artist Version?


Hi damour86… I have Cubase Artist 9.5 and yes you can export individual tracks seperately. But… it can be only done one track at a time. During export you will be presented with a list of all tracks with checkboxes but you can only check one box at a time.

Found this link… It also mentiones you can only select one track at a time in Cubase Artist and explains in detail how to do it.

Side chain I don’t know. I never use that.

Hope this helps you a bit.

Thanks for the answer Blademan.

It is strange that only 1 track can be selected during the export.

I agree. It is possible in Cubase Pro therefore this limitation is there clearly for commercial reasons. Well… it is what it is. If you want more you must be willing to pay more.