Does Track Version NOT include the track automation?

Does Track Version NOT include the track automation??!?

I created a new version, the parts are gone as expected,
but the automation remains as is…


No - automation is not included in a new Track Version; it remains ‘global’ to the track.

The feature has its uses (different lyric; different language editions, etc), but it is limited in scope. And honestly, I’m usually creating (by duplicating) a new track, and going from there. Then I can mess around with joy - automation and FX’s/EQ’s, and if not happy, go back to the original and all its FX, auto, etc, all working as it did and in place…!


Bummer. it has a great potential, Thanks!

Yes, it’s kind of a nice feature at the moment but it would be ten times more useful if it included the automation as well. Hopefully a future addition.

It would be better to have it as an option, to either include or exclude automation, surely.