Does VG2 has these funciton form VG1 ??

I recently “upgraded” from Vg1 to Vg2. But noticed, or i just can’t figure out these things, that it is missing 2 important features form vg1.

this is what i can’t figure out how to do in vg2:

issue 1: in vg1 when you have chord/note lengths that are not 100% full bar but about about 98% or so, vg1 would still play them full bar without gaps between chords. But Vg2 plays these gaps if you don’t have chords/notes full bar length, unless you switch it to “latch” but in latch mode vg2 doesn’t stop playing until you hit stop.

issue 2: in Vg1 if you hit the keys full velocity, vg1 would play a slow strum, very useful. in vg2 this doesn’t work.

Is it possible to make some settings in vg2 that will enable these useful functions that vg1 has??



You answered your question already: In VG2 you have to use “latch on” and the stop-note.

For me it works perfectly in VG2.

I cannot imagine such a setting.

oh now I get it. wow I’m slow. For some reason I completely ignored the STOP-note :blush:

but, I’m still figuring out what i’m doing wrong with Slow long strum thing.

I’m so used to VG1 (use it in almost every project) that I can’t adapt to new VG2 features

I guess I spoke too soon:

there’s no such thing as Latch or note Stop. on;y Latch On/Off in VG2.

Still looking for the solution/workaround…

how do you guys manage with this?

if i use latch on/off in the project, but than if i play not from the start with latch off and the project reaches a latch off point, it triggers latch on instead of latch off, and than everything is reversed…