Does VST Live support scripts?


I would like to know if VST Live supports scripts like in Cubase.

I use a script I made for my Roland keyboard to select Tones.

Also another one to open a Registration (song) on my keyboard. The PC etc, are sent to the keyboard automatically as soon as I open my project (song) that selects the corresponding registration (song) I want.

Could this be done with VST Live using a MIDI track?


Not yet.

Check “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts/Project”. You can also set up a MIDI track with the desired changes to your keyboard, or a Layer with PC/Bank select etc.

Thank you, will try…

I tried to use the PC/Bank select in a layer but couldn’t figure out how to activate and send the data.

For example I would like to send:
PC=15 (song no. in my keyboard)
to select a song in my keyboard by selecting a song in VST Live.

I set PC to 15
MSB to 122
LSB to 0

But then what?

Then select another Part, and select that Part again. Whenever a Part gets activated (selected), it fires PGM CHG, Volume etc to its output (Instrument).
Also when you change PGM CHG or bank Select, it should send BS/PC at that time as well.

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Ah I see, will try that… thank you

Yes!!! Finally managed to make it work… but with your guidance :blush:

I couldn’t use the same layer as it’s midi output was pointing to my Elka-X VST instrument

So I created another layer with it’s midi out to my keyboard and it now selected the right song from a group. Also noted that changing the PC number made me choose songs immediately just like you said… :+1:

Hope this was the correct way to set it by creating another layer.

Thank you very much at least now with your help I got somewhere…