Does WaveLab 9 still require GEAR optical drivers?

On Windows upgraded from 7 to 10 and with both WL8.5 and WL9 installed, I see “GEARAspiWDM.sys” ( as a driver for DVD … is this still required for WL9 on Windows 10?

The reason I ask is that CD import has become extremely slow and I am troubleshooting.

If you want to know if everything is correctly installed, check this:

It seems to be installed correctly but the problem persists, so I think I will try uninstalling/reinstalling as per these intructions:,_removing,_64_bit_versions,_etc

Is it safe to use the newer drivers listed here: Driver updates - GEAR Software ?
(I am assuming WaveLab is a "GEAR Powered Product)

Is it safe to use the newer drivers listed here:


Finally got to the bottom of this, not a driver or WaveLab issue, but just me being a little too enthusiastic with a BIOS setting called “Aggressive LPM Support”. I have three HDDs and two optical drives on a 6-channel SATA controller, and if this option is enabled, any attempt to access the optical drives is unusably slow, or may even hang the OS – so leave it disabled!

Hopefully this will save someone a headache.