Does WL7 compensate for "pre-emphasis" on very early CD's


I have a number of very very early CD’s in my collection - that had pre-emphasis as part of the mix. Just wondering how WL7 treats this - if at all. I know it’s pretty obscure but my understanding of pre-emphasis is - that while CD hardware players will most likely compensate - if the tracks are simply rips to wav or flac - I will end up with files that have a very noticeable treble boost.

What I would like is to be able to convert these tracks so they would sound the same as when played back via normal hardware.

Appreciate any insight on this.



I’m sure PG can tell you one way or the other if Wavelab can do de-emphasis processing when rendering files from a CD montage where the pre-emphasis flags are on. Of course if you burned a CD from the imported CD montage with the pre-emphasis flags on, the flags would follow, and the end user CD players would take care of the de-emphasis. But rendered files?, that’s a good question, so I’m not much help, and defer to others.

Not really looking for help with a montage - more with CD track extraction. I would like to know if WL can do anything during the rip phase to assist with this - if it can detect it.



I’m sure it can detect it, but you can verify that in the Emphasis column of the import dialog, or by creating a montage from the CD import dialog. On the CD tab of the created Monage all of the Pre-Emphasis flags will be checked if the original CD had Pre-Emphasis. The problem then is de-emphasizing those files. I doubt Wavelab can do that with what’s built-in, unless there’s a filter I don’t know about, but like I said PG is the last word.

Sorry, there is no filtering process to remove pre-emphasis. Of course, you could emulate this eg. With the Studi EQ plugin.


Does the Studio EQ plugin have a preset to attain some sort of de-emphasis? Or am I flailing around blind - since I have no idea what frequencies constitute pre-emphasis?


There is no preset, this is what I tried to express.

Bruce, if it’s any help the Waves Q10 has a preset called CD De-PreEmphasis. I’ve read that the UAD Cambridge has one as well - I think they described it as CD De-emphasis, but it might be an RIAA curve on the UAD they were talking about. It might have both actually.

Hello, yes the Q10 has 2 de-pre emphasis curves, see picture