does Xphrase work with C6.5 /C7 In Win 8 X 64 Bit ?

does Xphrase work with C6.5 /C7 In Win 8 X 64 Bit ? mine works with C 6.5 win 7 X 64 . thanks sm

Works fine with jbridge 1.5 here :sunglasses:

Strange SB still yet ( 2013 ) requires a 3 rd part programme 2 make their own Vsti/s work… sm

Don’t get me wrong. It might work with SB vst bridge, but I didn’t try it. I might give it a shot later on and let you know if it works.

please do that thanks sm

Okay. It loads fine wit vst bridge. The only reason it’s jbridged is because 32 bit plugs don’t play nice when they act up. I got options with jbridge, crashes and lockups wit vst bridge. Some plugins I can’t live without… :laughing:

Thanks Really appreciate it sam

After spotting this thread, I was amused to discover that Xphrase works under OSX 10.8.4/64 bits as well. Haven’t used this plug in quite a while and I completely forgot what a hoot it is.

Too bad Steinberg let the development deal dissolve before the author got around to fixing the sync issue (goes out of sync above 112BPM) otherwise I’d have used this thing more often.


Xphrase is one of my favorites after all these years. It would be nice to see a version 2 in the future…

It would be nice to see a version 2 in the future…

The likelihood of that happening is nil. After selling Wizoo to AVID (to become AIR Group) any further development of Xphrase for Steinberg ceased. Basically, the code for Xphrase became the property of the competition, and most likely, still is.

Peter Gorges (Xphrase’s developer) left AVID in 2009 to form UJAM, a Cloud based arrangement sequencer, designed to analyze an uploaded vocal track to be married to a sampled backing track created from a choice of editable preset styles (like “Happy” or “Sad”).

A little something for the Tablet/YouTube audio greeting card crowd, I’m guessing.

If SB could create such wonderfull programmes like Hypersonic 2 n X phrase B4 , then sell em , what stopping them to use that technology in latest Halion 4 n others , they now develop… !!! strange … may b get them old programmers back…sm