Doing something wrong with mp mf etc. as Base PT's

Up to this point I’ve implemented Dynamics using Mod wheel or other CC plus the dynamics curve and other settings in playback options. I’ve got a Timpani patch though that requires me to transpose the original notes up by 24 for forte hits.

I expected I could just add a base technique to an expression map for “f” or “f + Natural” and transpose it. Except I can’t get it to trigger. I thought maybe I was misunderstanding what the transpose can do, but I can’t get the technique to do ANYTHING. Not change a channel, etc. Can someone possibly point me in the right direction? I can’t get any of the dynamics techniques to trigger.

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think anything in Dorico triggers the dynamics playback techniques automatically.

Presumably you could write your own playing technique to trigger them manually.

Those playing techniques that appear to be dynamics aren’t currently functional. They were initially added so that Cubase expression maps that have articulations triggered by dynamics could be imported. I expect that in the future Dorico will use a different mechanism to trigger dynamic-dependent articulations, similar to how we do with note length conditions.

Clear enough - I’m sort of glad it wasn’t me this time. Yah, I’ll fall back to something like Rob is suggesting. Thank you Paul.

Maybe that’s worth broadcasting somehow… I think I just saw a set of Expression Maps added to the dedicated thread where all dynamics were part of a mutual exclusion group… :astonished: