Doit or fall

Is it possible to notate or to tweak the Doit or Fall technique for brass?

You can use the laissez vibrer (l. v.) tie. Select the note and choose this option in the properties panel.
Then you can adjust its shape in Engrave Mode.


Another approach would be to use a Shift+X text item using one of the Bravura symbols from here.

Hi Daniel, how does one add those symbols to a piece?

You select and copy it from that page, then type Shift+X and change the setting in the drop-down menu for A from (none) to “Music Text”, and then paste it.

or read this thread:

I’ve done this—with the note selected—but the mark was placed far above the staff, nowhere near the note. How does one position the mark next to the note?

Change to Engrave mode, then you can move it with the mouse.

Thank you.