Doit playing technique not linked to jazz articulation

I’ve started creating an expression map for the Kontakt Vir Mojo 2 brass library. With the playing technique Doit available in the expression map, this doesn’t link with any of the jazz articulations for doit (short, medium or long) i.e. if I place a doit (short) in the score, there doesn’t appear to be a way to trigger the doit sample in the Mojo library.

For others considering Mojo 2, here are the midi note numbers and the corresponding samples. It would be nice to figure out the relationship of the Mojo terminology with that of the Dorico jazz articulations:

36 Sustain
37 Staccato
38 Stab
39 Run Down
40 Run Up
41 Doit
42 Rise to hit
43 Shake
44 Trill
45 Swell
46 Crescendo
47 Fall

If 36 (sustain) is chosen for Note on, Mojo also provides Note off (release sample) options as follows:

96 Normal
97 Doit
98 Fall
99 Trill
100 Shake

I’ve tested the above and everything works aside from figuring out the strategy for symbols in the score.

At the moment, jazz articulations don’t yet produce any playing technique at all, as documented in the Version History PDF. You should, though, be able to create a text playing technique that triggers e.g. pt.doit and then hide it using the ‘Hide’ property. This should make it possible to produce the expected playback.