dolby 7.1 speaker arrangement not available


Our studios are setup with 7.1 using the dolby home theater 7.1 standard (we are in games so this is our target setup).
edit: link to this arrangment:

The channel arrangment for that is LRCLfeLsurRsur Lbacksur Rbacksur.
Unfortuantly this arrangement is not possible with Nuendo currently. Nuendo says there are extra side channels in 7.1 music (so ch56 & ch78 are flipped) and in cine its with extra front speakers. This causes the metering to be off for our rooms and mixdowns to be a true PITA.
Has anybody found a good work around for this? Is this on Steinberg’s list of issues to adress in upcoming updates?

Also, why is the channel arrangement and angles hardcoded? It would be much better if you coudl create your own speaker setups that are optimum for your platform.


Use the mixer delay plug in. You can swap outputs of 56 and 78 for your monitor chain.

Steinberg is mostly focused on music formats and does not give a lot of attention to post production standards so you are probably on your own to make it work. Fortunately the software is flexible enough so that you can work around it.

We’ve been asking for this ever since N2, when it was removed - it used to be this way in N1, and you could set up the outputexcty how you wanted it but for some reason it got dropped.

As a workaround you can do this easily from the VSTConnections setup - instead of the default for 7.1 music, simply route the outputs as Kid says - except you do not need to use the MixerDelay plugin if you edit in the connctions dialogue

Ey Guys,

This is really annoying, odd they havent fixed it yet. Seems like something we can put a bit more heat on them for.

I can fix the channel assigment on the output by using 7.1 music & then swapping 5&6 with 7&8 but the metering will still be wrong or did I not understand your suggestions correctly?

[edit] I can see how you can fix the monitoring issue with the mixerdelay plugin. Cheers.

btw to be very clear about my language, by monitoring i acutally meant (VU) metering.